Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

At Camel Tyres your rims will get new life

Alloy wheel refurbishment is far less expensive than buying new. Our service is wider than just cosmetic repairs. We do manufacture rims to original standard and condition. Apart from new paint and shiny look we also weld and repair using latest equipment.
It starts when our experienced engineers inspect the rim by hand checking overall condition looking for best repair solution. Also all damages are recorded.
Next step is when the wheels go into non-corrosive chemical stripping process which removes all old paint and dirt. Then wheels are sand blasted to remove final layers of corrosion and dirt creating surface ready for coating. At this stage wheels are welded and repaired where necessary.
We use computer turned lathe which enable to take material to original manufacturers specification. Next stage when the entire wheel is coated with a powder paint and oven baked.
At our paint shop layers of the colour paint are applied and powder or wet lacquer is added to the whole wheel. At the end wheel is oven baked once again.
Before returning the wheel to the customer our engineer does a final quality check ensuring the whole process was successful.

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